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Jaw Surgery – The Solution for Many Facial Problems

Jaw abnormalities can cause long term oral health issues and difficulties associated with chewing, talking, sleeping and other routine activities. Injury to the jaws or birth defects can also affect the alignment of the jaws. Facial irregularities that can be solved with the procedure include:

Chewing, biting or swallowing difficulty
Chronic jaw pain
Protruding jaw
Weak chin
Gummy smile
Weak facial projections
Open bite
Speech problems
Breathing problems
Dry mouth
Unbalanced facial appearance

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Hair Loss and Re-Growth

Hair loss may strike at any age according to Bitner Facial Plastic Surgery. Men that have hair loss often experience a natural progression of hair loss over time. Women may have hair loss that is spotty in centralized areas of the scalp. People who have had plastic surgery such as a forehead lift or face lift may experience minimal hair loss at the incision locations. The condition may be signified by thinning hair or baldness.

Hair loss may occur from disease, pregnancy, trauma to the scalp, certain hair coloring products that cause scalp sensitivity and select medications. The majority of hair loss results because of hormones that affect hair follicles on the scalp. This condition is known as androgenetic alopecia. Hair loss may be treated through non-invasive and invasive remedies. Hair transplantation is popular among men, accounting for over 18,000 procedures in 2008 and in the top five plastic surgery procedures for men.

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Skin Care

In current years, plastic surgeons started to offer clinical grade skin care products in their practices. The benefits of medical grade skin care became easily apparent with items that provided sped up exfoliation, deep penetration of vitamins and supplements, and leveraged hydrating benefits. Ever since, a few of the tried and true techniques have progressed and brand-new techniques are on the horizon.
Attempted and True Anti-Aging Skincare
The gold standard therapy for preventing and improving aging skin are retinoids. There is prescribed tretinoin and non-prescription variations such as retinaldehyde and retinol have actually passed a test of time. Retinoids could increase collagen manufacturing, speed up cell turnover, balance the outermost skin layer, enhance skin pigment, and the look of enlarged pores. More invasive methods offering anti-aging advantages by increasing collagen manufacturing are hyaluronic acid facial fillers and laser resurfacing. There are other substances that have proven useful for maturing skin, consisting of: glycolic acids, hydroquinone and vitamin C.
Up-Coming Skincare Options
As analysts have gained ground in having a better understanding of cell biology, the immune system and hormones, peptides and stem cells might one day be engineered to stop and reverse the indications of maturing skin. Artificial peptides may be developed from over 200 plants and animals to offer an antibacterial and antimicrobial representative, stimulate collagen, and reverse the indications of maturing. Stem cells may be crafted to grow new skin. The viability of peptides and stem cells is still in question. Yet, the techniques may one day offer another weapon for plastic specialists to use to combat off maturing skin.